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All Sheet Music offered at ADD TO YOUR FAITH is composed by sincere Christians who are members in good standing at Independent Baptist Churches.
We believe that God gives the songs. The songwriter is simply the yielded vessel that our Lord uses to give the song to the world. All themes and subjects are in accord with Bible doctrine and principles.

*Pages are missing from the images of multiple sheet songs. All pages of the song will download after payment.
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I Am Not Ashamed - Chorus I Am Not Ashamed - Chorus

This is a strong chorus that carries the message of Romans 1:16 and reminds us to be bold for God.

Our Price: $2.00
Looking For That Blessed Hope Looking For That Blessed Hope

This simple chorus declares our longing for Christ's return.

Our Price: $2.50
Worship the Lord! Worship the Lord!

This rousing chorus turns our attention to Heaven and inspires us to worship the Lord.

Our Price: $2.50
Lift Him Up! Lift Him Up!

This is a powerful four-part choir song including a key change and a strong finish.
It encourages God's people to lift up Jesus through action and ministry according to the admonition in John 12:32.

Our Price: $4.50
He Is Not Here: For He Is Risen He Is Not Here: For He Is Risen

This thought-provoking song about the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ described in Matthew 28:6 reminds the listener of God's power and glory.  

Our Price: $4.50
It's Sunday! It's Sunday!

This download includes 2 versions of the song! One is a fun and exciting chorus is great for children's church and bus routes. The other is an exciting choir opener with a strong finish.

Our Price: $4.50
Lord, Teach Us To Pray Lord, Teach Us To Pray

Prayer is a powerful gift from God.  We have access to His throne.  As the disciples asked our Lord to teach them to pray, this song asks Jesus to teach us to pray with wisdom and understanding.

Our Price: $4.50
Save New England Save New England

Inspired by the burden of the SAVE NEW ENGLAND ministry, this song reminds the listener of our Christian heritage and the need to reach New England with the Gospel.

Our Price: $4.50
For When Jesus Comes For When Jesus Comes

This song reminds us that Jesus is coming again to deliver us from our burdens and take us to Heaven.

Our Price: $4.50
Grow In Grace Grow In Grace

This song encourages the listener to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord through reading and studying His Word.

Our Price: $4.50
Save Me Save Me

This is a song of testimony with a prayer of salvation as the chorus. The second stanza encourages those in the service to ask the Lord to save them. Powerful!

Our Price: $4.50
Thank You, Lord Jesus Thank You, Lord Jesus

This sweet song of thanks to the Trinity is filled with sound doctrine.

Our Price: $4.50
I'm Movin' On - Men's Quartet Sheet Music I'm Movin' On - Men's Quartet Sheet Music

This lively men's quartet song reminds others that we are going to Heaven and looking for the Lord's return.

Our Price: $4.50
I'm Thankful I'm Thankful

A song of gratitude for the Lord's blessings.

Our Price: $4.50